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Promoting Enterprise efficient office

NSTCRM best management practices with Chinese companies combined to form the integrated management of Chinese enterprises the best office platform. It provides the ability for the leading software companies of all sizes to help them get the necessary growth of insight, innovation, optimizing power, collaborate strength, agility, power, security forces, and other companies moving force "soft" power. NSTCRM through the integration of various information resources, open up information "islands", meticulous process management, improve enterprise business model, collaborative relationship between corporate management and corporate innovation, enabling companies to optimize the allocation of resources and efficient operation, to enhance enterprise competitiveness.
Product Positioning:

Efficient and stylish tool to enhance productivity

Powerful, portable unified communications system

Secure, scalable information resource portal

Perfect, precise organizational management and collaboration platform

Flexible, professional business workflow engine

Easy to use, intelligent big data integration, mining and Decision Support Center

Easy to use is the last word

Ease of use

Full integration of product design experience in building Internet portals, thus greatly improving the product's ease of use. Greatly beneficial to promote the use of the product, "collaborative management platform implementation success rate of the first" is the evidence.

Household has one pair of network performance tuning between the operating system, database, middleware, professional and technical team, the entire system supports websphere, weblogic other commercial middleware, supporting distributed deployment, Websphere or Weblogic through the application of multiple servers can be configured to , WEB and EJB support services that the system can support up to tens of thousands of persons, to accommodate large centralized deployment, can satisfy a large number of concurrent users.
Platform features

Million NSTCRM medical version of the product using the platform design, through development platform underlying Platform combined four-authority system, the product has a high cost, low-risk, high maturity, short implementation cycle characteristics.


NSTCRM based development platform, the system deployed a large number of custom tools and configuration switches, including custom home portal, knowledge management platform, workflow platforms, custom modular platform, custom relations platform, as well as basic support functions, such as custom data tables , custom forms, custom and other channels.

Group has applied

000 network permissions permissions model first proposed four-dimensional thinking, increase the range of data on the basis of traditional authority, roles, user permissions on a three-dimensional setting, can well meet the group permission to use the organizational structure of the multilayer.


Million ezOFFICE medical version of the product design fully into account the correlation between the various functional modules within the system, can be associated with human-centered process based on the relevant document; may also be associated with the center-based document-related people, process, project information.


Technically, the integrated product design choices and strong underlying technical architecture (J2EE), the system reserves a large number of interfaces for integration with other systems to provide technical support; experience in the successful implementation of a number of system integration scenarios, rich systems integration experience to ensure system integration to meet customer desired effect.


NSTCRM supports mobile terminal office, with B / S, C / S two access ways to support smart and non-smart phones. You can apply for access through mobile to-do file, the file to be read, pending documents, personal mail.


Cross-platform system, applicable for various types of customer needs. Whether it is windows, lunix system platform; Sql server, Db2, oracle database platform; Weblogic, websphere, tomcat middleware platform can be flexible to meet.

Class performance and experience

NSTCRM provides users with superior performance, can be achieved with an ordinary PC servers hundred people, more than one million concurrent applications magnitude data, the use of NSTCRM "High Performance Solutions" support to more than a thousand concurrent, tens of millions of hot data throughput applications. NSTCRM committed to provide users with the best user experience, smooth page views, fast trigger functions, as well as personalized information to show a lot of static refresh, partial refresh technology, are accessible "experience-oriented" concept rendering. After 10 years, 20 times the upgrade version, recommended the adoption of thousands of users. More than twelve thousand companies, 167 500 enterprises in China, 3 million end users together to create products through a rigorous test of practice, with a high maturity, the implementation of strong features, allowing users to buy the rest assured that with liking .

First-class service

We provide traditional telephone, QQ, home implement, secondary development and other services. NSTCRM help and support platform to help users quickly locate the problem in the first place, and to provide solutions to problems, allowing users to just move a finger, you can easily solve the problem. Remote upgrade services, NST professional implementation team to provide you with customized, systematic, holistic Mastery CRM upgrade services. VIP services tailored for the enterprise, providing depth, high-quality service 1 to 1. NSTBI implementation services help you quickly become familiar with and use the reporting system. UI interface design services provide you with professional service interface design solutions.

Class reliability

NSTCRM born with good genes: LAMP product architecture, the quality requirements of military units, are NSTCRM reliable, excellent source. Office automation research and development engineers, software design in every detail of the safety issues are fully considered under the network environment, the user's security, reliability requirements, the first element as a software design. NSTCRM has obtained China Software Testing Senior confirmation test certificate, and has tens of thousands of years of application practice corporate users. Office Anywhere using WEB based enterprise computing, enterprise private cloud computing support, WEB server using Apache + Nginx twin-engine, high-speed system performance, stability, and reliability. MySQL database using Oracle provides enterprise-class databases, data stored centrally controlled to avoid data leakage. Security using multi-level security architecture to ensure data and applications, the use of multi-level access control, perfect landing authentication mechanism, complete audit log data using encrypted transmission and storage, to prevent the page cache, URLGET data disclosure request and Cookies prevent script injection, SQL injection, SQL Union attack other code attacks, more accessible CRM using a variety of techniques to ensure maximum security of the system.

The most practical focus on customer needs, develop customer the most user-friendly products

Promote the implementation of Advisor
NST has accumulated in the field of collaborative office ten years of experience in the implementation, implementation experience, such as in government, clothing, machinery manufacturing, coal, food, FMCG and other industries have implemented extensive experience in many industries have extensive industry, and trained a number of outstanding industry consultant. For some large projects with long implementation period, the demand for complex, wide-scale implementation, promotion and other characteristics do so in a number of large industry consultant, project implementation is particularly critical. Industry consultants can meet the project manager at critical stages of project implementation to promote the project has played a crucial role. Industry consultant for the industry in the application of knowledge and CRM are very familiar with the characteristics of each industry in blueprint planning system, application and promotion stage will play the role of a consultant, you can avoid the risk in the project implementation process, rational planning and effective manner.
Self-driven implementation
Can a system of sustainable enterprise application and promotion, training the customer's own self-implementation capacity is very important, NST in the industry to implement the reason why such a high success rate, but also our implementation approach can help customers always reflect the process of the application system promote the sustainable use of so NST project implementation project manager can often be found when the system is on the line began only a few dozen in the early application process, and the project manager to evacuate the customer site, a year later visit found increased flow of customers hundreds. And these processes are established by the customers themselves. This is our more respected self-driven implementation method, simply saying that we project manager in the project implementation process to help customers training a group of their own project managers, and establish a good system of self-driven and channels in the implementation process, the late internal the completion of the self-driven software applications for sustainable enterprises.
Of course, different types of customers require different implementation methods, the problem can not be solved by a method for all projects, no matter what method, NST implementation team spirit "because of the success and the success of our customers' service concept. "Focus on customer applications and achieve win-win" is the goal of our service. Implementation success rate of 98 percent, the industry customer satisfaction is our first implementation of best interpretation service capabilities.

No short-term customers, only friends forever

Service System
NST is specialized in collaborative product development management software, consulting and services company, adhering to the "no short-term customers, only friends forever," the purpose, to provide users with a complete solution for collaborative management products.
The company has a large number of senior professional and technical personnel, business consulting and project management experts, the establishment of large-scale product development, consulting, sales and service system. Based on advanced project management and knowledge management, providing customers with quality products and services.
Providing quality service and customer satisfaction is our goal, professionalism, dedication is our service standards, always for the customer is our soul.




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